How Democrats have opportunity to pave an end to shutdown

The Democrats can pave way to end the partial government shutdown. An opportunity is just ahead when they take over the House. They can investigate the Trumpian corruption and abuses apart from use the oversight process. They can try restoring facts, good-faith information-gathering and empiricism as well to a place in debates and governing processes.

One of the latest reports reveal the president will continue demanding fund for building US-Mexico border wall and here the debate over immigration may work.

The Democrats can use majority to restore conversation to secure border. White House chief of staff John Kelly said in his recent interview that the country has an immigration problem and this exposes the lies of the president that the border is overrun by invading borders and only wall can justify it.

Kelly confirmed the administration has abandoned solid concrete wall push after authenticating the decision by Customs and Border Protection officials about what they want and where.

Meanwhile, the Democrats can also request Congressional Research Service for a comprehensive report on current state of the US-Mexico border. It is believed the report would say they have already beefed up border security and the policy seems working as illegal border crossing is now at historic low.

Democrats can hold hearings too and the Homeland Security officials would be directly liable to answers questions raised related to border security.

Paul Linus