Kim Jong warns Trump not to test his patience with sanctions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned Washington not to test his patience with pressure and sanctions, and hopes extending his high-stakes nuclear summitry with Trump.

Addressing to the nation the leader said in a televised New Year’s speech that he is ready to meet the US president but the path would differ if promises are broken by United States.

Kim urged Washington to halt joint military exercises with South Korea amid making a nationalistic call urging to stronger inter-Korean cooperation.

Experts believe Kim is trying to drive a wedge between United States and South Korea.

Meanwhile, it is not to turn to oblivion that South Korea accused Washington over failed corresponding measures after the unilateral dismantlement of a nuclear testing ground along with suspension of nuclear by North.

Kim’s New Year’s message in 2018 too was equipped with a newfound diplomatic approach with South Korea and United States. It was followed by three summits with the South and historic summit with Trump.

However, for years North Korea had been talking about denuclearization but without any resemblance to the American definition. Last month Kim threatened not to give up nuclear weapons if Washington does not believe it wrong what South Korea describes as a nuclear threat.

It is learned Kim is looking for another summit with Trump and win some major concessions.

Paul Linus