President freezes federal employees pay in 2019 through executive order

Late Friday president Donald Trump issued an executive order to freeze pay of about 1.5 million federal workers in 2019. Earlier in August he indicated of doing so as federal budget couldn’t support it.

The order will not affect military personnel who will see a pay hike of 2.6 percent next year as part of massive defense spending bill.

The move comes amid partial shutdown of the government and about 800,000 employees are working without pay.

However, the action of Trump could be reversed if the Senate and House reconcile bills that were passed earlier this year. The House preferred not to hike while Senate approved 1.9 percent average rise.

The president defined 2018 as the year of worker in his tweet on Saturday that read, “It was indeed a great year for the American Worker.”

The last time pay of federal workers got freezed under the General Schedule was in 2014. Following it there were rise of 1 to 2 percent annually.

Prior to 2014, the freeze was also implemented in 2012 and 2013.

Meanwhile, the federal workers can stand eligible for greater compensation with promotions or moving up pay grades.

Paul Linus