Trump tweets would close Southern Border if Congress denies wall funding

There were series of tweets from president Trump on Friday and most of those were related to border wall. In one he threatened to permanently close Southern Border if Congress refuses for the money required for constructing the wall.

Trump also threatened to be cutting off aid to Central America if the money for building a wall is refused.

Congress will only take up the issue in 2019 and amid such situation it seems the shutdown will be very long.

Democrats have unity in the matter and are seen standing firm against it, calling the wall as president’s immoral and ineffective wall.

About cutting off aid to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala the president tweeted these countries need to be punished as they have only taken money and have done nothing for the US.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney, who will be taking over as acting White House chief of staff next year, said, “What the president is trying to do, and rightly so, is shed some light on what’s happening here.”

Meanwhile, Trump has postponed his fortnight-long holiday at his private club in Florida due to shutdown and Melania Trump has left for Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago.

Paul Linus