How Democrats to embarrass Trump after taking charge of House

In a recent survey most of the Americans said Trump and his Republican allies are responsible for the shutdown while just 25 percent of those who were questioned by Reuters/Ipsos polls team said the president acted rationally.

Next week the Democrats will take charge of the House and it is obvious they would pass the clean continuing resolution and open the government.

However, there are four ways to open the government and the first is to put the clean resolution on the floor where Trump could veto it, but if 67 voters in the Senate override it, it would be humiliating for the president.

The second alternative would be to pass all the appropriations bills and not the vote on wall funding.

The third option would be to hike border security budget from $1.6 billion to about $2 billion. This may at least make Trump happy knowing he got the money, at least for steel slats, and the Democrats would remind voters Trump didn’t get a wall.

The fourth option would be to give Trump his $5 billion for legalization dreamers.

However, it is up to the Democrats to find the best approach that would keep them in advantageous position while embarrass Trump.

Paul Linus