Trump sets support team in Iraq before withdrawing troops from Syria

Former President Barack Obama made a mistake by withdrawing US troops from Iraq in 2011. This led the Islamic State gain ground and in 2014 again the forces returned. Even now, more than four years later, the US-backed coalition is fighting against the ISIS.

Trump on the other hand seems playing a safe role and immediately after announcing to be withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan he made a visit to Iraq to take a brief view what were the consequences of Obama’s hasty departure.

Talking to the US troops at Al Asad Air Base outside Baghdad he tried to justify his announcement and added the army will be called back home only after a support team is ready in Iraq.

Earlier he said the ISIS has been defeated in Syria, but now he explains the important base of operations would remain in Iraq should ISIS again gain power.

Trump said if something wrong is seen happening with ISIS, they can hit them fast.

Estimation reveals there are still about 30,000 active ISIS fighters and it cannot be ruled out that they cannot regain territory. More to this, the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is at large.

However, as of now, Trump has not set timeline when the withdrawal will take place.

Paul Linus