Japan to resume commercial whaling

Japan has withdrawn itself from International Whaling Commission (IWC) and it is sad as well as worrying. The country, without any doubt, will resume commercial whaling. This may not come as a surprise to anyone as in September meeting of the IWC it turned down ban on commercial whaling.

The ban on commercial whaling has been one of the biggest achievements as killing of whales earlier jeopardized its populations.

Utilizing loophole in the regulations Japan carried on hunting of whats calling it for research purposes even though there was no outcome of scientific research and meat ended up on commercial sale.

In the 20th century mass slaughtering of what species were common as it was industrial whaling. The whale populations are under threat with other issues too including pollution, climate change, habitat degradation and entanglement.

Japan’s latest move may destroy progress that the international organizations have made in protecting the whale species.

Howeve, even though Japan has said to be resuming commercial whaling in its own territorial waters but it is not yet known which species will be targeted and also the count to kill each year.

It is not to forget that whale plays an important role in marine ecosystem by providing 50 percent of oxygen.

Paul Linus