Pakistan PM Imran Khan playing minority card against India

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is lately trying to play minority card to attack neighboring country India and create a better position on global platform.

Twice in a week the former cricketer said religious minorities in his country are better treated compared to Narendra Modi-led government in India.

Khan asserted that based on the vision of Jinnah his government is taking all the required measures in ensuring minorities in the country.

Speaking on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah the prime minister said Tuesday Jinnah had envisaged his country as a “democratic, just and compassionate” nation.

A tweet followed by Khan read, “Naya Pakistan is Quaid’s (Jinnah) Pakistan and will ensure that our minorities are treated as equal citizens, unlike iwhat is happening in India.”

Meanwhile, India has reacted criticizing the comments of Imran Khan about how to treat minorities and former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif said number of minorities in Pakistan has fallen drastically over time.

Kaif added there were 20 percent minorities in Pakistan at the time of partition in 1947 and now less than 2 percent are left.

Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah said Imran Khan first need to look at his own country before pointing finger to India.

Paul Linus