800 Additional Troops to Stop Migration Caravan

Today is the day that is has been decided by President Trump for 800 additional troops to be sent to the border to stop the migration caravan from entering attempting to enter into the United States. There are hundreds of the migrants traveling on foot, seeking refuge, and a new start by entering into America.

Many of the troops that have been asked to stop the migrants are those who are currently active in the Air Force and in the Army. They are being promptly sent as of October 25th to help the current force at the border.
It has been said that the main cause for this decision that Trump has made is due to the increase in concerns of the public. There is still a few weeks left before the migrants reach the United States and there are less of the migrants traveling with the caravan the closer they get to the border.

At this point it is not clear what type of effect the militants will have on the migrants since it is believed that once many of them reach the border they will most likely surrender to border patrol agents. Time will tell what is to come in the following weeks of this event.

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