Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe is the Japanese Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party leader from the year 2012. After the war in Japan he has the reputation of being the Prime Minister for a longer period. Abe has political background and first took the PM position in 2006 when he was elected by special session. He is also the member of Nippon Kaigi, an ultranationalist association who play an important role in legislative as well as executive branches in the government of the country.

Shinzo Abe also has a hand in taking the Liberal Democratic Party to a low when they lost upper house election after 52 long years. Later in 2007, Abe had announced to revive his government which included Takehiko Endo the agricultural minister but failed to do so as Endo had involved in a scandal. In the previous election held in 2016, Shinzo Abe was able to win forming a coalition government with Komeito pact.