Susan Moylan-Coombs To Contest Federal Election

The federal election that will happen at Warringah for the position of Tony Abbott is expected to be run by Susan Moylan-Coombs as an independent candidate. Moylan-Coombs is the founding director of Indigenous organization and she is also a broadcaster. Tony Abbott has been holding the seat for about 25 years and Moylan-Coombs has announced that she will be contesting the election. Susan Moylan-Coombs is granddaughter of HC Coombs who was a public servant with high-profile.

Susan Moylan-Coombs said she would like to contest in the election cleanly and with dignity. She also said that politics has been around her and the family as well. Moylan-Coombs is a well known member of stolen generations who had shifted to northern beaches 50 years back when she was adopted. To enter into politics has been around my mind but did not take the initial step, she added. Whether she would win the election it will be really interesting to watch.