Mike Pompeo- The American Politician

Mike Pompeo is a politician from United States of America and he has also worked as U.S. Secretary of State. He is part of the Republican Party and was nominated by Donald Trump as the Secretary of State from March 2018. Pompeo who is also an attorney was working as the Director of Central Intelligence Agency from November 2016 and was appointed by the president of America. He has been travelling to many places to discuss various things including North Korea to meet Kim Jong-un.

Mike Pompeo also supports sending U.S. military to Saudi Arabia related to Yemen war even though there was warning about losing $2 billion. He is been part of various social related issues as well including an Abortion Act that was passed by 112th Congress. Pompeo had supported President Barack Obama in 2013 for shutting down U.S. federal government which according to him was required to stop financial collapse.