Poll Survey About BSP-SP Alliance Tremble’s NDA

A very crucial survey that was done by C Voter about the alliance between two major parties in Uttar Pradesh BSP and SP has put a question mark on Narendra Modi’s second term as the Prime Minister of India. The survey was done along with ABP News suggests that if the alliance between BSP-SP fails to form, there are more chances for the NDA to get back to power and retain more number of seats.

According to survey, if the alliance fails then NDA will win around 291 seats retaining their power and if the BSP-SP alliance works then NDA will get just 247 seats which are short of the majority required to form the government. Both BSP-SP together are expected to win about 50 seats in case the voting happens today according to the survey. The congress party is also trying very hard to find a place for them in this alliance even though they have three important bypolls.