Turkey claims 300,000 Syrians returned following operations against Daesh, Kurds

Following cross-border operations Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield in northern Syria against the Daesh and Kurdish YPG militia a total of 291,790 Syrians have returned back, claims Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.

United States backs the Kurdish YPG militia, but Turkey considers the group as a terrorist organization.

At least 3.5 million Syrian refugees have taken shelter in Turkey, fleeing the conflict in their homeland. Many believe it is an economic burden and threat to jobs too.

According to Soylu, in 2018 at least 250,000 illegal migrants were caught who couldn’t specify their nationalities. The figure was more than fifty percent compared to that of 2017.

Increased efforts by Turkish police, coast guard and security forces have curbed migrants flow to countries in Western Europe as Turkey is one of the main launch points for migrants from Africa and Middle East who try to reach European Union territory through sea route.

Following the announcement of US president Donald Trump to withdraw troops from Syria, the Turkish president said to be postponing a planned military operation against the Kurdish fighters in the northeastern part of Syria.

Paul Linus