Apex court turns down Trump’s policy to ban migrants entering illegally

Supreme Court turned down today policy of Trump administration to ban asylum to all those migrants who crosses the US-Mexico border illegally. The court offered no opinion.

The president issued a proclamation last month saying that asylum claims can only be made and heard at official ports of entry. Solicitor General argued the decree was for broder security.

The proposed ban for shorter period and it is being said the move would assist Trump in sensitive diplomatic negotiations with countries like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Morocco.

The Trump administration was challened by the American Civil Liberties Union saying the policy was unjustifiable as well as unfair as many asylum seekers entered illegally fearing for lives and this was not their fault.

Earlier, the lower court said White House cannot change the existing federal laws in such a way and under the law it is a legal obligation to hear asylum claims.

During the mid-term elections Trump called a group of migrants coming from Central America as caravan of people and most of them were criminals.

Ordering toops to the border he called the caravan an invasion.

The migrants however said were fleeing poverty, violence and persecution in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Paul Linus