MP Andrew Broad Is Out Of Politics

Andrew Broad, the MP of Australia who is caught up in a scandal is expected to quit politics as he will not be contesting in the upcoming election. He has informed the party about withdrawing from the nomination at Mallee and will be available in the parliament till next election. Broad is known to have 20 percent of margin at Mallee. The Australian MP has been alleged to have been looking to meet women during his work trips.

Broad was charged by a woman named Amy who informed a magazine that she had met him for a dinner. But Andrew Broad had denied this and told AFP that Amy has been involved in criminal related activities. Michael McCormack, the Nationals leader said that he got the information about Broad’s matter few weeks ago and he told him to take it to AFP. But the AFP had got the referral much earlier than what McCormack said which has put him under pressure.