Two MPs Warn To Quit The Tory

The position of Theresa May is expected to become much weaker as two of the important senior MPs are planning to quit if she supports the no-deal Brexit. The senior MP’s of Tory Anna Soubry along with Sarah Wollaston has said they were not happy with their Prime Ministers decision related to Brexit and they are ready to quit. Apart from these two members, Nick Boles the former minister was the first person to say about quitting the party.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labour Party introduced a no-confidence bill against Theresa May, but the time for debating related to this was not allowed by the Government. There were also other leaders from the opposition parties decided to introduce their own proposal for no-confidence on the Government and also asked Anna Soubry to support them. But John Bercow, the common speaker said he will not respond to these proposals even the MPS’s support it.