United States among top 10 deadliest countries for journalists: Report

In 2018 six journalists were killed in United States and as an aftermath it has now been ranked one of the deadliest countries for press people in the annual report from Reporters Without Borders.

Ranked sixth, the country is behind Afghanistan, Syria, Mexico, Yemen and India. More journalists were abused, killed and were subjected to violence this year compared to other years in recent past, reveals the annual report.

Across the world eighty journalists were killed. Among those 49 were deliberately targeted while the remaining was killed in shootings and bombings, mainly in Afghanistan and mostly not in conflict zones, while reporting.

This year 348 reporters were detained and mostly in China and Syria.

Reporters Without Borders Secretary General Christophe Deloire said, “Violence against journalists has reached unprecedented levels this year and the situation is now critical.”

The recent murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul sparked international outrage. He was a columnist for The Washington Post and lived in Virginia. According to CIA report the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing amid crackdown on dissent.

Khashoggi was a royal insider and lately became a critic of Prince Salman. He moved to United States last year and started writing for The Washington Post.

Paul Linus