Scandalous title and low-blow TRUMP article racist Charlottesville VA story @usatoday.

@usatoday writes hideously slanted article deeming Trump worse than Racist after Charlottesville VA comments.

Trump held a press conference and it included denouncing violence in Charlottesville VA. Then the press, along with the usual social media warriors started hacking his statements, and, in the end weren’t happy with his condemnation of the violent scene. He reminded the press that the violence came from all sides (left n right)- not just one group of people, but “many sides”.

Originally, a scheduled protest which started out legally with a license and permission to demonstrate against removing a historical monument of Robert E Lee from public view, soon turned into a murder scene.

Scandalous title and low-blow TRUMP story @usatoday. Are we living in the same universe, seeing the same speeches? Are we witnessing the same violent monumental stupidity footage as USA TODAY? IMPOSSIBLE! Apparently NOT. via @usatoday;

Here you can see for yourself exactly what the President said in his statement addressing the violence in the Charlottesville monument riot. He gave his statement during the press conference held for the signing of a Veteran Affairs Care Act. So, these were his first comments on the crazy fighting going down in Charlottesville Va.


Then, a few days later, President Trump holds a press conference about streamlining the building of Highways and other infrastructure in the United States, and the reporters act like wild Pit Bulls and start tearing into him, not about the Infrastructure message, but regarding his statements that were previously made on the Charlottesville protest turned murder scene.